how many godkids do you have?

This meme was created to remind us “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” the number of our godchildren and our responsibility towards them as they grow and mature as better Christians.

Here are the rules:
1. List all the names of your godchildren
2. Tag at least 5 bloggers
3. Update the Tag Train

I was tagged by chari, thanks for this sis. and here's my answers to the meme :)

1. My godchildren: I have many of them... I might forget someone (calling my kumares and kumapares to please remind me)

2. Here are the bloggers that I am passing this to: Jane - Page 101 (love you sis :), Eds - , Vina, Julai -

3. The Tag Train Started Here - Bluepanjeet - Joy - Scarty - Yen - Jenny - Chari- Mari - ”You” {you put your link here!

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Jane 101 said...

hello mari, i tagged you to, please check on my Photo meme - my sundown! Thanks.
Merry Christmas kabsat!