a family for a day

Our weekend lakwatsa was a little different yesterday. To start with, G and I were not alone. We brought Keisha with us. We haven't bonded with her the past weeks because I was in Isabela for the wedding. We wish to 'pay' her for praying for us to win in G's raffle draw. Though we didn't receive the HK Disneyland (which she has been praying for, 'sama daw sya', if ever we got it), we had something else naman.

We moved out the house around 2:30 already because we had to take our afternoon nap muna (she slept in our bed, to make sure that we'll not go out without her). Our first destination was G's office. We had to drop by because G had to get some files for the tarpaulin that he is making for their xmas party. Along the way, inside the van, Keisha was already getting bored. What she did was she sang her version of HS musicale's 'Breaking Free' (I hope I got the title right). The lady beside us was entertained and was smiling all the way. She even gave Keisha a candy when she stopped to rest her voice. When several buses passed the van, Keisha told me that she wished that the next time we go out, we'd go to Manila. She wants to ride the bus daw because she hasn't tried being inside yet. G promised that the next time we'd go to Manila we will bring her again with us. We will visit Tito Jon2 in his office.

We got off in front of BMW in Alabang. From there, we already walked going to G's office. We were supposed to have 'merienda' in Country Style but they were half-day lang pala on Saturdays. Going up, we rode the elevator. Keisha was again fascinated because it was her first time. We taught her which button to press. She pressed 3 because we were going on the third floor. While G was downloading the files, he asked us to make the stand for their souvenirs for their xmas party. We were able to accomplish more than 50 pieces for the span of 30 minutes. Keisha was responsible in putting the glue while I cut the popsicle sticks.

We went to Festival Mall at around 4:30 already. All the while, Keisha thought that we were going to SM Southmall becuase she was insisting that she wanted to play at 'Right Side' (?). She was delighted when we let her eat first at Jolibee. What is good about her is that she doesn't choose anything else except for french fries. She ordered burger but she didn't eat it yet.

After that, we attended the anticipated mass held at the mall. She was silently listening to the priest until it was finished. Another thing that I noticed from her was that she is not aware that during peace be with you, you can kiss your parents or whoever is with you. We taught her that :) but she knew that we should hold hands during the Our Father. After the mass, we brought her to the priest for blessing.

to be continued :)

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