celebrating christmas

I am late in posting this... I have been out and have not been able to post anything because we went to the province to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. I am very grateful for having a simple and yet very memorable way of celebrating Christmas.

We went home going to Cauayan on the 24th. We got the 11am trip because there was no other available slots. With the fear of celebrating Christmas on the road, we bought some foods that we can eat to celebrate Noche Buena. But with God's grace, we arrived home at around 9:00 pm. We were hoping to join the family to attend the Christmas mass but they said that they just arrived and it was held at 8 pm. We don't want to go to the bigger church already so we decided to just attend the mass the next day.

Everyone was already home. Mark was there with Mathy, they were preparing the BBQ, while Elong, Jane and MJ were wrapping their gifts. Mom was cooking as well and dad was watching tv :p. Lon was outside with his friends, preparing the 'uling' for the BBQ.

12:00, Lon woke us up. We ate our Noche Buena and went to sleep. We don't usually spend so much time for Noche Buena because we celebrate on Christmas day itself.

Dec. 25 - We got up early for breakfast, it was such a nice experience eating together. We had lots of kwentos, mainly on MJ (my niece). We gave her her gifts. She loved everything... they were mainly toys. Lunch was the same but it was better because we had a telephone patch (we used the speaker of the phone :) from Ace. She was the one who called. Dad cannot go through the network so he texted her to call. She said she was fine and they are celebrating Christmas, as well. She told us that she will just sent her gift for her monito on January because one of her co-worker is going home. With regards to her gift, she'll just go open it when she gets home :)

Later in the afternoon, we went to attend the mass. We were late for the 5pm mass so we had to wait for the next mass. We got home at around 8pm already. After dinner, we watched the video of Mark and Mathy's wedding.

We ended the night by eating again :)... this time, its singkamas with suka and bagoong alamang...

I think, this is one of the best Christmas that we had. Though Ace was not with us physically, we still felt complete because every family member was there. Though there were times when Jane (my SIL) and my family had grudges againsts each other, it was forgotten and forgiven already. We were just glad that she and MJ made it. We even had gifts from them :)

This is better way of celebrating Christmas becuase we know that we have each other to rely on. That we are one family and no one is considered as an outsider. And what's important is that we LOVE and RESPECT each other.

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