cars... car mirrors

Among my three brothers, it is only Mark who can drive well. Since he has keys to the cars, he is responsible for it. One way of how he takes care of the cars is by adding different accessories to it. The latest that he added were the chrome mirrors. He changed the old mirrors because the casing or cover is already starting to get loose. He even has to put paper on it to ensure that the mirror won't fall. He has been looking for the right mirror for several already when he saw the CCI chrome mirrors over the Internet. These mirrors are different because the manufacturers use triple coated chrome-plated ABS for it. The mirrors also custom fit the contours of the cars where you will put it, so you need not worry on how it will look like after installing it. You need not worry on how to install it; you just have to use the pre-applied heavy-duty tape and your finish. There is no need to cut or drill just to install it. When dad saw the changes, he was very pleased. The car looked better now. That means we can borrow it, the next time we go out of town.

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