One of my favorite concept of Christmas is caroling. When I was younger, I used to go with my cousins for carolling. We'd go from one house to another, hoping to receive something. We'd be shouting in glee if we'd receive any amount of paper bill (P5 was already a big amount, way back). The money that we'd gather for the night will be equally divided among us.

Last night while I was blog hopping, there was these little kids who started singing outside our windows. Since we seldom hear someone caroling in our place, I was so excited in giving them something. Keisha was so delighted when she gave the money to the carolers. When they went to the other house, before they can even open their mouths to sing, the owner shooed them away. The children were so 'badtrip' with the owner. Then the same thing happened on the next house... I finally concluded that this might be the reason why there are less carolers these days. Most of the people are no longer appreciative of this tradition. They consider it more as a way of asking money, than sharing it even just for the spirit of Christmas. I pity these kids, not only because they might not collect enough money from their caroling but because they might not continue the tradition anymore. 'Sayang', baka by the time that I already have my own child, hindi na nila ma-experience yung saya na na-experience ko dati sa pangangaroling.

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