bed and beddings

When we went home last week in Isabela, a lot of my relatives noticed how big I've become since the last time they saw me. Everyone was telling that I look better because of the weight gain. They were more amazed when they saw G was also the same. He had bigger belly and his face looks more round because of his haircut. We are indeed aware that we are growing bigger. Our bed feels smaller that we need to stay closer at night. Good thing, the 13th month salary already arrived. It was set for the bigger bed. Since the bed will be bigger, we also need to buy new beddings. I love beddings that are fully coordinated with the pillow cases. I was thinking of buying horse bedding designs to make the bed look different. We've had flowers and checkered designs previously so I wanted new designs now. And since its Christmas, I have every reason to buy anything that I want. So I guess I'll also buy other designs like the heart bedding or ask for a personalized design from visionbedding.com.

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