achieving goals

Whenever I check my friendster account, I do not fail to check on my friends in my friends’ list. I love communicating with my friends, especially with my high school and college friends. I’ve noticed that most of my classmates who are currently in the US are in the field of medicine. Most of them are nurses, doctors or medical assistants. Some of them had to enroll again and take up medical assistant programs here in the Philippines before they left. There are also some who took their medical assistant training programs in the States already. May is one of those who studied in Virginia College because she lived within the area already. She was able to find this school when she was surfing the net for possible choices of school . She went to the site where there was a list of Medical Assistant School and from there she visited every link that she can find. She searched for the best school with good recommendations. When she graduated, she was able to find a good job fast. I would say that this is because of the school that she went to. By the way, she took up the program for ultrasound technician. She is so happy now that she got her dream of being a medical assistant. This is so in demand these days... and I am happy for her too. She can now bring her family with her soon.

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