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When I was in high school and even in college, you’d always see me hanging with my male friends. It was not mainly my fault because they are the ones who would drop by our house and fetch me to go with them. Since I have nothing to do, I’d go with them. We’d go out to eat, play billiards or just be together to talk and talk. Our usual topic is their girls. They told me that they wanted to hear the sides of the girls so they’d ask me anything.

Our favorite topic then was girl-boy relationship. They’d ask me tips on how they should approach the girls that they like. What qualities should they show or if they should try to impress her. There are even times when they’d ask me to accompany them in the girl’s house… I’d act like I needed something from the girl but when we get inside their home I’d do something else. Once they started going out and dating, they’d still go back to me and ask me where they should bring their dates or what activities would the girl enjoy doing. As a friend, I was too delighted to help them. But when things are going wrong, I am also one of those affected by the situation.

These days, when we get to see other, we now talk about our families. It is very far from the topics that we used to talk about in our younger years. These days, we don’t even get to go out without our partners tugging with us. Things have changed since we got married.

Funny thing is that there are still some guys who ask me for tips on how to approach women. My younger cousins would ask me to tell them stories on how G courted me or what are the things that he did to win me. With the present styles in courting, which is far from what I experienced in my younger years, I suggests these cousins that they should just visit dating site like themodern man.com because it contains a lot of information that a guy would want to know. The site have several articles discussing tips on how to meet and date women. The site also offers to send free emails on these tips and they even give a free download for the e-book entitled, ‘The Flow’. It even includes a video that can further teach them. The video is seen on this link: http://www.themodernman.com/audio_vault.html

Everyone's growing up fast. I hope by the time I have a child who is in his teenage years, I can still relate to his dating trips. I hope age gap won't be that big between us :)

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