timeless jeans

Since jeans were first made, many years ago it has never out of fashion. Several designs for clothes have come and go but the jeans had always remained fashionable. This only means that the jeans will still last for more years in the future and that anyone who owns a pair of jeans will never feel outdated.

I myself prefer to wear jeans rather than skirts. I feel more comfortable when wearing it. For Christmas, I plan to buy additional pair of jeans for G and me. I found a cool site, Tobi.com, in the Internet that features several designs of jeans that one can choose from. The site features several brands and one of which is the Seven for all Mankind. This brand has several cuts of jeans available for women. They offer different cuts to suit every kind of body for women. Among the several designs that they have, it is the high-waist boot cut jeans as well as the Vivian crop jeans that I am planning to purchase.

For G, I found one brand as well that I know will compliment his personality. Designs made by Nudie jeans will perfectly fit him. He'd surely love the Slim Jims Skinny Jeans design that they have. He loves the cut similar to this one and he doesn’t look at any other styles.

I’ll just take his new waist measurement later (he had grown bigger the past months) so I can order his pair of nudie soon. He has to receive it before Christmas :p

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