the terminal

One of my favorite actors is Tom Hanks. I’ve watched most of his movies and one of my favorites among them is The Terminal. This is a movie that he made with Catherine Zeta-Jones and was directed by Spielberg. I love the sequences where Hanks meet Zeta-Jones and how he would approach her. I love them together because they can get romance spark without getting too mushy. I also like the plot of the story. It was not the usual love story but it focuses more on how Victok Navorski (Hanks), survived his days in the terminal. How he slept in the benches and how he worked just to have money to buy his food. When he finally found out that his country was already out of war, he was so delighted that he could finally go out of JFK airport. By then, everyone at the airport knew him already and even encouraged him to go out despite the fact that he was threatened not to. I was touched when I learned that his main goal in going to US was to get an autograph from one of the greatest jazz players that his father met when he was alive. He made a promise to his dad that he’d go and get that one autograph that he has wanted to have. I felt victorious as well when he was able to fulfill that promise.

If I would have the chance to meet Tom Hanks, I’d definitely ask for his signed photo. I’d even ask for more autographs from him. It is something that I will surely add to my collection of memorabilia.

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