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I received another tag from Rosemarie of Celebrate Life. Thanks sis for this one :)

Smart or Globe: I have both sims. I prefer Globe more because most of my friends use this. I have been with Globe since 1999 and ever since I have always been a satisfied client. I use my smart to text my sister who is in KSA. Smart roaming is better in her place.

ABS-CBN or GMA: When I was still in Baguio I used to watch most shows from ABS-CBN but eversince I transferred here in Laguna, I never set an eye in ABS already.

Penshoppe or Bench: I go for Penshoppe. Back in my younger years, when Penshoppe wasn't as expensive as it is now, almost all my things are from there.

Avon or Personal Collection: My mom used to be an agent for Personal Collection but I never fancied it. I am more of an Avon lady :p

Sony Ericsson or Nokia cellphone: I don't own a Sony Ericsson but it was through hubby's Ericson unit that we got to know each other. More for sentimental reasons... though I've always been a Nokia user.

Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty: Tweety Bird but I don't collect it too.

Sony or JVC TV: I grew up with Sony appliances but G wants to buy JVC tv soon

Lee or Guess Jeans: I am more comfortable with Lee Jeans. I think I had only 1 Guess Jeans

Sketchers or Merell Shoes: - Sketchers, no doubt about it

Swatch or Rolex watch: Swatch, eversince I was in highschool I've been using Swatch. I may even put up a gallery for my swatch watches :)

And now, I'm passing this tag to: garf and annette


Rosemarie said...

hi mari thanks for doing the tag

crazed_heck said...

hahahaha...di ko pa nagagawa yung akin nito...hihi

alpha said...

hi mari! thanks sa visit ha..