studying in Spain

My cousin Richard has been bugging me to try enrolling for my Masters again. This time, he wants me to try for the scholarship that he is into now. He just applied online, submitted the requirements, went to the embassy to apply for his student visa and now he is already in Spain. He was already one week late for the semester so he went there without booking for a dorm or an apartment to stay. What he did was he just chose from the several hotels in Spain listed in the directory. He just looked for possible apartment after his class and ended up living with his classmates: a Thailander and an Indian.

Because of his hectic schedule, he still had no time visiting the beautiful sites of Spain. He said that he'd definitely go first to Torre de Bujaco Tower and then to Muralla de Avila. Torre de Bujaco, also known as the Watch Tower is 25 feet tall and was the most beautiful tower in the 12th century. Muralla de Avila or the Walls of Avila is the longest wall thatt surrounds a city. It measures 2,526 meters longitude, height of 12 meters and 3-meter thickness.

Torre de Bujaco
Muralla de Avila or the Walls of Avila During the Yuletide season, he and his friends are also planning to visit La Sagrada, La Boqueria and Gothic quarter. These sites are in Barcelona so they will definitely have to save for their accommodation there. They need to search for the lists of hotels in Barcelona so that they can find the place that suits their budget. La Sagrada Familia is a famous building in the city. Because of its beauty and grandeur, it was nominated as one of the new Seven Wonders of the Modern World. La Boqueria, is another main attraction wherein tourists can find the lively food market. Gothic quarter is found adjacent to Las Ramblas. This is an old Roman village where traditional sardana is held during the evenings of summer.

La Sagrada

Gothic Quarter To end up their Spain tour, Richard will go to Madrid to visit Prado museum, botanical gardens and royal palace. They will stay in one of the hotels in Madrid because they know that they can really relax in one compared when they stay in an inn or resort. Their last stretch is more of the arts area. Prado museum is the best place for European arts, both in painting and sculpture; Botanical Gardens is located near Prado and it is the place where herbs and fresh vegetables and fruits are planted. This is made to be able to furnish the monarch with healthy food. The Royal Palace is now owned by the state and it serves as a venue for state functions.

Prado Museum

Royal Palace
With these sites that he has lined up, I think my cousin will have more time moving around Spain rather than holding his books... but knowing him, he already has everything planned. I'll just have to wait for his pictures posted over the Internet.

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