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If I wanted to buy anything, I always consult the Internet for the best product choices as well as product reviews and it never fails me. Several weeks ago, I learned from a friend that he is suffering from hemorrhoid and he was given a generic medicine for it. He was asking me to check the Internet regarding which generic medicine is the best for him. Because of this, I tried to look for a site that offers review on medicines, particularly the generic ones. I was able to find the trustsource.org site. This site offers reviews for some generic medicines. Under their medicines for hemorrhoids are Venapro, Ziro and Avatrol. All three received 100% satisfaction from patients who purchased the medicines. Among the 3, it is the Venapro that has more patients who used it. Therefore, I suggested this to my friend as well. I ask him to read the review so that he will to have any second thoughts about the product. Now, he is already feeling better. He is also thinking of giving a ranking for the medicine to help other patients who are looking for cheaper and yet effective medicine for hemorrhoid.

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