PR rank

I have been reading other blogs telling that they have received higher PR rank. I was curious to find out if I also increased or what so I tried checking it through free sites. I was surprised and at the same time delighted to find out that I already have a PR rank of 2... yehey!!! I was not even aware when I had a PR rank of 1 but I am thankful that at least I moved up now. My exact PR rank is something like 1.69 but since most of the sites round off then I am already considered as PR 2.

I owe this increase to you, my dear friends who keep coming back and reading and linking me :) I appreciate it very much. Coming from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU very much to all of you. May God continue to bless us with our blogging. I hope we all receive most opps along the way! Cheers!


Mich said...

wow, congrats Mari! keep on blogging! cheers! ;)

mari said...

thank you very much sis! mwah!

julai said...

hi ate mari,congrats for you PR 2 ate..ako rin masaya kasi ng increase na rin ang PR ng mga blogs ko..yeheyyyyyyyyyyy..let's drink to that!hehehe.

happy halloween ate..

mari said...

yes... let's drink to that! sa lovelife mo :p good day!!!

Rosemarie said...

before i not really care of this PR PR ekekek...not until i passed my blog to earn money and my blog was declined cos i have PR of 0 from then on i try to search on how to have a higher PR. i was surprised when i check it again and i have PR 4 now. whoaahh i never noticed when it turn PR1

Jane said...

hi mari,i'm also working on my PR rating to get more confidence as I enrolled my blog back to PPP :)
you know, one thing i also did was to check how much my blog costs... still cheap, bwuhuhu so i have to work harder to increase my blog's worth.
did you try it? i think you can check that from technorati or google.
don't worry, time will come when our PR's will soar, hihihi