paypal, now working in the philippines

Paypal is being used in most parts of the world. A month ago, Philippines was already included in their list of countries which allows 'receiving money' option. This is very good because there are already a lot of individuals from the Philippines, mostly bloggers (I guess), who are earning online.

I am one of the users of Paypal Philippines and I must say that they are very efficient. I used it again yesterday, to transfer funds from my account to G's account. He needs 'money' to pay for his exam for Microsoft Certification. With the use of Paypal, he even got additional discount. The usual price was $25 but when he visited another site, he found out that a voucher is sold for only $22 and he can also pay with Paypal.

Now I am thinking of earning from it... since some of G's officemates needed 'money' for their exams as well, why don't I sell my dollars to them?! Great idea, right? :D

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jean said...

hello...this is true. I signed up with paypal too. i even asked my aunt in US then sabi nya pwede na daw. she encoded lang my info sa paypal...