loving smorty

I loved blogging more because of Smorty. Smorty is one of the easiest way of earning money online. All you have to do is to write your opinion regarding people's services and products that interest you. You will be the one to choose the topic that you are convenient to write about. The requirements for the article are simple. You are required to write it in English and a minimum of 150 words. Use the keyword directing to the link to the site of the product or services. You should remember that you are required only one link to their site, unless the advertiser specifies it. Once you have finished the article, submit the exact url and wait for its approval. The best part of this is that you receive payments weekly.

So what else are you waiting for? Blog for money… blog about the things you love... Smorty.com is waiting for you... click for the link on the left side of my blog and you will be brought to the side.


jean said...

i've been declined..huhuhu. it says sa email my page rank is Zero daw. huhuhu.

jean said...

hi mari, i have a question...i got approved sa bloggerwave. they were asking me to submit a blog. what do they mean submit a blog? one of my blogs or yung buong blog ko ang ipopost ko? u know naman i'm a newbie here... ;-)

mari said...

hi jean... so sad naman. medjo strict na kaya sila now kasi if i remember, nung nag apply din ako sa smorty PR0 palang din ako.

nwei, sa submit a blog bigay mo lang yung url ng blog mo. lagay mo lang ito: http://jeannepomuceno.blogspot.com/ then check nila if pwede na yung blog mo.

if meron ka pang tanong, message mo lang ako. tutulungan kita basta alam ko yung sagot :p good luck!