i'm going home

As I have shared before, I am finally going home again in Isabela this November. My youngest brother is getting married on Dec. 1. My dad, my mom and my mother called today, asking me again when I will go home. I told them that my scheduled date is November 25. That would be a couple of sundays from now. All there reactions was, 'ang tagal naman'... I don't know if they are missing me that much already or because they feel more assured when I am around. Kasi they know how OC I am whenever we have occasions in the house. I am the one who reminds almost everything to them... hay! Ganito ata talaga ang panganay, parating inaasahan... but syempre, I'm loving the attention :)

I still have a lot of things to do:
1. buy daddy and mommy's shoes for the wedding
2. buy barong for G
3. finalized the design for the tarp and guest sheets (they haven't sent me their pictures pa pala)
4. go to Wellmanson for the abays souvenirs (i'm making bag charms for them)
5. print out table numbers (on the second thoughts, i'd just let them do this :)

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