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Today is the nth (she doesn't want to disclose her age) bday of my only sister. Happy birthday sissy... I love you, you're the only one that I got (remember that!) :p

A little info about my sister... when we were younger, she'd always make me cry. She was always picking fight with me but being the ever ate I'd let her pass with it. I'll just stay quiet in one corner and let her have what she wants. But when we were in our highschool days, we became closer. This was the time when she had her crushes and bf already. I was the one who'd help her sneak out when she wants to be with her bf then :p When we were in college, she was more of the mother in the house. She'd cooked (this is what she does best) for the siblings while I do the dishes (and this is what I do best). She was still the 'pinakamatigas ang ulo' among us all. She'd still be out with friends late at nights even she has exams on the next day. She often hears her brothers' sermons for being always late in going home.

Now she's in KSA... her first birthday away from us. She has learned to be independent... and I hope that she learns how to handle her money now. The day before her birthday, she passed her exam for the board of Medtech in Saudi.

This is ading when she was less than a year old
This is ading a year ago...

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