getting to know Brice Carrington

Not known to many is that G and his brothers used to have a mobile and light system business when they were younger. They'd get work schedules on weekends. Because of these, he had been fascinated with sounds not just in music perse but also in terms of musical scoring in movies. He's very keen in listening if the music used was convincing and apt for the scenes. Because of this, I asked him to make a review on Brice Carrington's site. He knows more about it and here, what he wrote about it.

The first time I browsed the website of Brice Carrington, I was fascinated with what I saw. He has a detailed biography with the addition of his sample works like the sound effects used in Jurassic Park and other movies. His recent work for television is also included in the site.

Aside from the various information for Brice Carrington’s creations. Effects for his website which I believe was created through Adobe Flash also caught my interest which helped me to navigate important areas of the website.

Brice Carrington’s website does not only displays his creations but it also has information and preview some software that might help others in their research works. This can be navigated at the software menu of the website. In that you can find various options such as demo movies, web-based mixer and pinnacle studio plug-in.

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