get to know 'inday' more

My hs classmate Jean has been my partner when it comes to Inday jokes in text messages. We'd exchange texts if ever we received new ones. When I dropped by Wella's site and read more on Inday's statements, I was already decided to google for Inday's site if ever there is one. But due to my work schedule lately, I forgot about it. Not until now that I was brought to the site that I have been looking for.

For other Inday readers out there, you can check her site
here. Enjoy reading :)


Jane said...

mari, saw this site earlier, twas shared to us by sheryll.it really caused as "nosebleed" hahaha. i tried to "compete" with her but i just can't.
btw, did you know that in turn, she got the nosebleed out from pacquiao, LOL.

mari said...

really? do you have the link to that site? grabe, i myself tried to give her a nosebleed, considering nga na i'm a bio grad with all the scientific names that I can remember, kaso lang i can't comprehend them. in turn, i had the nosebleed :)
super fanatic talaga ako, promise :p