ek day continues

The continuation of the story which started here :p

You should have seen my picture, I was ... I don't want to remember how I looked. After the Jump Log, we decided to check on the souvenir shops. Finally, we were already able to buy a gift for Zoe. While walking around, we took pictures again. When we passed by Rio Grande, there was no long line already so we went inside. Once inside, we found the long line there. SInce I really wanted to try this ride, we waited for our turn. Since it was only the 2 of us, we joined several groups to fill in the raft. We were with 3 young ladies and a couple. I enjoyed the ride more becuase of our companions. The girls were shouting out loud whenever the water comes in. They were positioned in an area that they were the ones most affected. One of them was already cursing because her favorite shoes got wet... I'd love to do this again... if only I had an extra pair of pants with me... I might end up in the position of the girls kasi :p

It was starting to drizzle already so we head back to their 'food court' and had our dinner. There was a mini-concert going on so we enjoyed the dinner more. I was already really hungery that I bought the big meal from Chicken something store... After dinner, we heard an announcement informing the crowd that there will be a presentation in front of Rialto at around 8:00 so we hurriedly went there to catch the show. it already started when we got there. Good thing, I was taller than the people in front of me. I was able to watch it clearly. The show ran for almost 20-30 minutes only. After the show, the casts had their pictures taken with visitors. We didn't have ours na because our camera was already lowbatt.

We went back to the souvenir shops to batteries... after that we again took the Wheel of Fate ride. This time, we wanted to see Sta. Rosa at night. I wasn't really fascinated with the view because I often see the same sight in Baguio. It even look better in Baguio because the houses look like lights on a Christmas tree. I didn't enjoy the ride this time because it was already getting colder and I felt tired na.

After that, we again the Flying Fiesta. I got dizzy after the ride so we just seated na while waiting for the fireworks display. After the display, we went home already... had goto pa pala outside then last pictures with Elward the Wizard.

It was a tiring but very memorable day. This may not be a romantic way to celebrate our Anniversary but it is a memorable one... better than the original plan of going to Baguio.

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