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I started my paid blogging late September of 2007. I was just curious with how the process goes and on why a lot of bloggers are being hooked to it. I didn't have any PR rating then (I was PR 0) but I still tried. I was happy that PPP got me in... but I had to wait for several weeks before they approved my blog. Then when PPP approved my blog, I tried Smorty naman. Since I had a low PR, I seldom received any opps kaya I am really happy when I grab kahit one lang. For now, I have improved to PR2 already and have been receiving opps every other day (which is already a BIG improvement for me). I haven't bought anything yet with the money that I received... except for the exam that I paid for G's exam in Microsoft. I plan to buy a laptop with my money in the future... (kaya I am saving every money that I am receiving here).

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This is an answer to a tag by Ate Marie of Vanidosa
Please share the reason/s why you decided to do ads/paid posts. State how your earning is helping you in any way.
Pass it to 2 bloggers/publishers only. After my name, list ALL your monetized blogs. If you have more than one blog, add the next blogs by using numbers only (such as 1, 2, 3, see my example) instead of long links.Use the button but please no direct linking. I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a line should you decide to entertain this tag. I would like to pay you a visit and add you on my list.Thesserie, 2 & 3 MARIE , Mari [add yours here].
I am passing this to JULAI & JANE


crazed_heck said...

i hope i get approved by PPP too...

mari said...

just be patient :) you'll received your approval email soon. for now, keep on writing and aim for higher PR to receive more opps. thanks for always dropping by heck :)

vanidosa said...

Thanks for the response. Just keep on blogging and be patient, everything will turn out fine and you'll receive the much needed opportunities.

Jane said...

hi mari, will do this tag later. thanks!

thess said...

Hello Mari! Thank you for doing this tag...as the originator, I am excited that more and more bloggers turn publishers are sharing their stories ..salamat ha!

I will add you on my list (kasi I'm tracking down all the participants who entertained my meme and i want to link you all) if you wish to see where it's linked here the url:

I wish you more opps and have fun blogging!