eon debit card

While blog hopping this morning, I read in Kitts' posts that she already received her union bank eon card. Then I remembered that I haven't blogged about my eon card yet :)

I got my debit card online. While blog hopping (again), I was able to visit a site where the owner wrote how convenient it is to have the Eon card. This card is another option for those who wanted to withdraw their earnings from paypal. The rates are cheaper compared when using credit card, where it is considered as cash advance (?). So I visited the link that she wrote and was redirected to the website of Union bank. Applying was very easy. I just had to fill up their application form and selected the nearest Union Bank to our place. It was stated then I can already get my card after 5 working days. Yesterday, I received an email coming from the customer service center of union bank, stating that my application was received and that I can already get my card after 3 working days. Meaning, I can already get it next week. I just have to show one valid identification card when I claim my card in Union Bank San Pedro Branch.

I can't wait to get my card and activate it. This is just in time for Christmas :) if you haven't verified your status yet in your paypal account yet, you can use this debit card. You'd be deducted $5 per transaction... I wish this is a paid opp for Union Bank, makabawi man lang sa annual fee ng card :p
opppsss... I read this post too, about the possible problems that one usually encounter when verifying the EON card.


Rosemarie said...

hi Mari i also planning to visit union bank branch here since emmyrose advise me to apply for an eon account. pwedi magapply onine? huh this is good. BTW can u add my new blog? here is the link http://gvenrose.blogspot.com daghan salamat

Mec said...

grrr... yun ang prob ko ngayon, wala akong ID with my pic kasi nga i resigned na from work and binawi na nila agad :D

pano kaya ako apply... ahehe :D

(lost my passport din kasi)

anyway, appreciate this post... Mai said positive things about the Eon card nga :)

Nancy said...

nice to know na daghan man diay ta Union Bank's EON card holders! :-(

mari said...

hi rosemarie, sorry for the late reply. i just got back from my vacation... yup, its possible to apply online. just check the nearest unionbank in your place for easier pick-up :) i hope you'd have yours soon.

Rosemarie said...

yes i already submit the application online after visiting union branch here in tacloban cos they have mandatory ID's kaya kukuha muna ako ng TIN No. kasi ala naman me GSIS ecard or SSS id

♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said...

sis i did applied for my my eon card last week,waiting na lang ako ngaun..i hope maging ok nga ito for us paid bloggers!

Jane said...

wow, let us know about this ha... if convenient talga for bloggers like us.