back to work

After several days of vacation, it is again time to go back to work. Not that I have to go to a ‘real’ work but it means that I have to get back to my old schedule of waking up earlier to prepare breakfast and G’s packed lunch. Ever since I learned cooking, I had always been careful not to stain my clothes even without any covering on. This morning was a different story, I didn't notice that oil drops were already all over my clothes.This is maybe because I was still sleepy while doing my chores. G suggested that it is high time that I buy cooking aprons, which will protect my clothes from any possible stains while cooking. On the contrary, I think I’d just ask my buddy Christine to buy one for me (as a Christmas gift) since I saw this site in the Internet that offers free shipping anywhere in USA. Aside from the aprons, they also have other home items like shower curtains which I might also request for our bathroom.

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