words of appreciation

Here's the client's feedback on your hair loss articles:

The articles are exactly what I wanted and very informative. You have delivered exactly what I wanted. Thank you for all the well written, excellent articles.

I received this message from my boss Mina this morning. I was so happy because it means the client will give us more load to work on. I just hope to have more articles to write because we are already planning to move to our own house by January. We need to start saving for the appliances and furniture that we hope to buy. We can use the credit card but it is still better to pay in cash.

I don't write well... most of the time, I have momentum in writing articles. If I feel inspired and relax, I can write as much as 15 500 word-articles in a span for 8 hours but if I feel so mentally drained and i cannot focus, kahit 1 wala akong matatapos. I don't know how to start the article nor to finish it. All that I am writing is based on research, as I am not familiar with most of the articles. There was this one time when they asked me to write anything about cars, eh all I know is to ride and drive a car :) I never asked what the HP or torque or whatever specifications that the car has. It took me almost 10 hours to finish 5 articles... I was so tired when I finished writing those articles... so whenever I receive complements such as this, I am really overwhelmed :) all my efforts paid off, kahit papaano.

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