wishful thinking

If I could have a wish granted now, I wish that I could take the next flight to Toronto. I've always dreamed of going to Canada and be a citizen there. There was even one time when I enrolled the 6-month caregiver course and use it as a stepping-stone to reach that country. But I guess it is not my fate to be there yet. Everything changed when I met G.

Some of my classmates in my caregiver course are already there and they have been inviting me to visit them. I could take flight to Montreal or flights to Vancouver since most of them stay there. They told me that in case I finally decided to go there, I should come during the holidays in Canada so that they will have more time to accompany me and so that I can avail of the holiday offers from DialAFlight. They even gave tips on how to enjoy the cheap flights while still having a comfortable trip.

I am really thankful that I am Ms. Friendship… I have many friends who offer a lot of things. I just wish that since they are already inviting me, they might as well pay for my fare. It won’t hurt that much because they will equally divide it among themselves.


williamaanne said...

hi, thanks for the add! i'll link u as well. could you please update my link? due to some issue i have changed it to www.williamaanne28.blogspot.com tnx a lot and happy halloween!

mari said...

hi maanne :) ok, i'd update your link as well. thanks for dropping by! good day!