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This Saturday started as a lousy day for me. I didn't have any work to do so I just visited one blog after blog. I tried writing a bit but that's it. By the way, it was our 23th monthsary as husband and wife that day :) G told me the day before that he doesn't want to go out this saturday. That he'd rather stay at home and rest to make up for his busy week. Around 5 pm, he told me that we should get dress na because we will go out and watch a movie. Even if I was apprehensive because he'd done this many times before (the ending was always a failed date!?) I still went to change. We decided to just go to SM Sta. Rosa because it was nearer, compared with Festival Mall. When we got there, we had window shopping muna then we saw Tom's World. As I always say, we are 'addicts' for the basketball game. We'd compete each other, the higher the score, the better. We bought 20 tokens plus 10 tokens free. But instead of going straight to the basketball area, we dropped by the machine wherein you use P1 coin, instead of the token. I don't know what it is called but the mechanics was to drop a coin which will push the other coins before it and let the coins near the edge of the platform to fall into the bin. (I hope I didn't confuse you there :) G tried it, 2 coins fell into the bin. He was waiting for the ticket to come out but nothing happened. He called the technician to check if the machine was working. The young guy opened the box and found out that it ran out of tickets. He went to get tickets and when he finished setting it, a number of tickets went out! (It was around 50-60 tickets.) G was so delighted that he continued playing. A heap of coins where already near the tip of the platform and we decided to go for it. We patiently waited for the coins to drop (almost not breathing whenever we drop a new coin). We were working on both sides of the machine... but before we were able to hit the jackpot, we ran out of coins :(( the counter has no more P1 coins available either... We were so frustrated with what happened, so we promised that the next time we will go back to Tom's World, we will bring my 'alkansya' which is filled with P1 coins. We got a total of 699 tickets with almost 1 and half hours of playing. We spent something around P250 pesos... not bad at all!

PS... after we left, the family from the machine beside us transferred to our machine... and they hit the jackpot. Good for them... so maybe its just not our luck :D

PS2... we never got to watch a movie again but we enjoyed the date. We just ate dinner in Karate Kid (because it was the only store which still accepts customers even if the mall was already closed).

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