Thoughtful Blogger Award

I would like to thank Julai for giving me this award :) I'm so touched... finally, I have my own award. I was not expecting this (though I wish someone would send me one too ;p)

This award is one of the series of awards launched by Christy Z of Writer's Reviews.

And now, I'd like to pass this award to ladies who have been dropping by my site and wishing me well with my life, especially with our TTC stage.

And the winners are: Arlene, Mec, Mich and Ann


Mich said...

aawww, another award! i'm so honored! thanks Mari. :)

julai said...

hi ate Mari,thanks for doing the tag and you are always welcome..

congrats sa imong bloggerwave approval ate..try www.payu2blog.com too ate kung di kapa naka join.maganda din kasi maraming opps..