starting my Christmas list

As early as October, I am already starting to make my Christmas list. I have to make sure that I include all my godchildren (I have at least 15 of them, in different age range), my friends (just the closest ones still receive gifts) and my family (this is a must!)... my list is really long so I have to take opportunities such as midnight sales, bazaar and the use of promo codes. One company that offers this is CouponChief.com. It is a discount and coupon store for online shoppers.

As of today October 4, I have just summarized the places or store where I should shop for them. For my godchildren, I'll make sure that I'll check on Smart Bargains and Target for whatever great finds; then for my friends I know that they love bags for I'll check on the membership fee for the Bag Borrow or Steal. I cannot give them real bags so this will do; and for my family... I think anything will do. They will appreciate whatever I can give them; they know that it comes from my heart...

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