portable DVD player

I used to have my own portable DVD player when I was still in Taiwan. I love having it because I have benefited much from it. I can watch movies anytime and anywhere. I can have it for myself or I share it with my friends. I usually bring it during travels to keep me company for the trip. But it was damaged when my brother borrowed it and left it playing for a several hours. I think it overheated or something. I tried to bring it to the service center but they were not able to fix it.

I have been saving to have one again. This time, I prefer to have a bigger and wider screen. I really wish that I could buy the portable 10-inch DVD player. The last time I searched online, I found that Digitalframez.com offers this product. Their DVD player is DIVX capable meaning it can play DIVX files and all other type of files like MP3 and MP4. It can even open image files like JPEG. What makes this DVD player more impressive is that it comes with a TV tuner. I can now watch the news even if I am stuck in traffic… so cool!
Now I just have to work more… I just need a little more amount and I’ll be enjoying my portable DVD player even before Christmas.

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