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I haven't really tried online shopping, ever. The only thing that I bought online was our ticket for Cebu and that's it. I haven't bought any personal things yet, until lately when I finally ventured into semi-business (for friends only, as starter :) I was glad that the site that I visited has shopping cart software that made my shopping really easy. I guess that site bought their ecommerce software from Ashop Commerce because it is very easy to use. Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software that caters to all businesses especially to small and medium online businesses. It is also cheaper and will fit the budget of new entrepreneurs.

I found out that it is really wise to have a shopping cart when buying online because it makes you aware of the items that you are buying and at the same time you also have time to think if you really want to purchase the items that are in your cart before finally paying it.

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