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When I was Young Tag

Ever since I received this meme from
Sarah, I've been wanting to do it. I tried posting pictures of me with my hs barkada in one post but more than that I'd like to share how i evolved (kinda prehistoric hanggang sa modern man stage) or changed (para naman mas subtle :) ) through the years. I'd post the pictures later, di ko pa nascan but I found several ones that I brought with me here in Laguna.

This tag is very simple. All you have to do is share a baby, teenager or whatever you please picture of yourself when you were younger. I would like to see how you look like before.

- pictures to be posted here - soon ;p

I am now tagging... lucel/juliana and jacque :)


Question tagged from Jean
What is your most expensive purchase with your own money?

Hmnnn... if it has to be the most expensive purchase then it will have to be my shop. October 2001, I decided to invest in a business with 2 of my friends. We thought of putting up an internet shop and we bought one that is already established. We bought the whole shop with several computers on it. After a couple of years, my partners decided to sell their shares so I grabbed the chance :)

I'm tagging
kitts & williamanne


My World said...

thanks sa tag. i think you're the second one that forwarded this meme to me. i have to beg off though. got no baby pics with me here. sorry sis.


mari said...

it's okay, no problem with that :) i'd just tag you with some other meme's soon :) good day!