next step, 3rd cycle

Yup, another sad story to tell. Our second cycle for Clomid was unsuccessful. My second cycle started when we were scheduled to go to Cebu for our anniversary celebration. I took my 1st tablet of 50 mg Clomid with the prayers that I hope this will be our last cycle. My schedule for Clomid is from 2nd to 6th day of from the first day of menstruation, every 8:00am. I religiously followed this routine (I even set the alarm, just to make sure that I'll not forget my schedule).

...for those who are curious on how my process goes, its something like this :)
On the tenth day, that was already Saturday, I had to undergo follicle monitoring again to check if the medicine worked and to determine how many follicles where produced. G was excited this time and he even went inside the cubicle to see the actual images of my follices. We were very happy with the result because from 1 big follicle in my first cycle, we now have 5 big follicles on the left ovary and 4 big ones on the right ovary. But the problem was I had thin lining of the uterus which was just like 0.9mm, compared with the normal which is 1.3mm (ata, m not sure). But my OB did not tell me anything on what to do about it... she didn't tell me also that we need to have 'contact' or anything. Basta she just told me that I have good sets of eggs for the cycle... and I should go back on Tuesday for the next monitoring.

Come tuesday, I had a 1:30pm schedule for the follicle monitoring. Rachelle was happy because they already saw traces of corpus luteum in the ultra sound. Corpus luteum is the 'skin' of the follicle where the egg came from. She was telling me that she hopes that I will already get pregnant this month. I was confused because if they saw corpus luteum already, that means I already ovulated. That can't be because we didn't have any contact the previous days :( ...sayang ang eggs... I was already nervous with the result. I was alone pa naman that day because G had work already.

When I went to my OB, she told me that the results were okay and that she hopes I'll be pregnant already by this month. She even asked me when was the last time we had contact... hay, I told her I can't remember because she didn't tell me that it was already time to have contact... because if she did, we would have complied. What puzzles me is that base on my computation and the OBs computation, I was supposed to ovulate wednesday and not anytime before that day. Does that mean I ovulated before my schedule?! ...so she just asked me to make 'habol' the ovulation. If I just ovulated anytime in the morning, and the life span of the egg is from 24-48 hours after hatching, we might still catch it. Instead of G working overtime, he went home early to have time to prepare for the workout ;p (oopppsss... PG na next!)

OB said that if I don't have my period by October 10, I should test already. The last time I had Clomid, I had my period exactly 14 days after I ovulated. We hoped for the same result this time. But 14 days after the ovulation, I did not have my period. We were keeping our fingers crossed... then I was feeling too lazy these past few days. Even if I am fully rested, I still feel sleepy in the morning. I was reading for early symptoms of pregnancy already over the net and sleepiness(?!) is one of it. I was waiting for the 'bleeding' due to implantation symptom but I didn't see it. Oct 8, I asked G to buy HPT already. I wanted to check early because we didn't buy my next set of Clomid yet (we were really anticipating to infanticipate already), so we can buy before I have my period again. Oct 9, still no period. On the morning of Oct 10, our deadline, before I can even use our HPT, I had my period again :(

It was so frustrating... but what can I do? What can we do? ...now I am on my 1st day for our 3rd cycle. Still the same dosage of 50mg Clomid which is taken every 8am. On the 10th day, which is saturday next week, I'll have my follicle monitoring again... and the cycle will continue just like we did for previous 2 months... but we are hoping (again :) that this time it will end with a different story. I still don't know what the next move is... so we hope that we won't need the next move... with God's blessings :)


Arlene said...

hay clomid! sana sa next cycle nyo, clomid would do its magic na on you! :)

mari said...

hoping as always sis :) thanks!

julai said...

hi ate mari,sorry to hear about it.pero don't worry ate coz you'll get preggy in due time and with GOd's grace, just trust in HIM because HE knows what's best ofr all of us.

GOD bless you always ate.

PArisukat said...

im sure the baby will come in God's perfect time. Don't lose hope.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sure you can add me. Ingat lagi!

mari said...

thank you for the kind words, julai and parisukat :) we're still hanging and hoping for the best... though nakakainip na talaga :p

Marie said...

mari, just be patience a bit more. As what I can see, you are already making a lot of progress. I am positive that soon, makakabuo din. Godbless!

Marie said...

mari, just extend your patience some more. As I can see, you are already making a very good progress. I am positive that it won't be long and makakabuo rin. Godbless!