a lesson learned

I have a secret to tell… I confess I was also an impulsive buyer.

Not many know that I am an impulsive buyer during my younger years. If I see things that I really want, I tend to buy it immediately. Being an Ilocana, people think that I am always in control of my finances. They don’t know that one time, one of my credit cards almost reached its credit limit and I had no other options but borrowing money from my parents to pay for it. Since then, I made sure that I’d look for a reward card. Something that offers lot of benefits like lower rates for balance transfers and better payment schemes.

I have made a very wise decision… I now have low rate credit cards that are truly beneficial… and I now know how to be responsible for it.


My World said...

hi mari!
i didn't know ilocana ka pala. i am too. where are you from ba?


mari said...

hi juliana :) yup, I'm an Ilocana. I grew up in most parts of northern Luzon but I spent my teen years in Baguio.

Sika ngay? Taga adino ka :p

Mec said...

ako nde impulsive buyer... and mostly, i only spend on books and food kaya swerte si hubs saken :D

mari said...

hi sis mec :) thanks for dropping by!
when I was still single, I'd use my credit card to buy anything for my family (lang naman, lalo na para sa niece ko :) kaya di ko na napansin
pero now, naku! Ilocana na ako talaga... except on food and magazines na lang din.