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I have never been to Enchanted Kingdom, even if it is just less than an hour from our house in Pacita. We had plans before but it never pushed through... that is why I am really envious of those who are able to go there and enjoy the theme park.
As I have written in my previous post, I had no idea as to where G will bring me on our anniversary. All the while, I thought that we'd go to Tagaytay becuase I've been telling him that I wanted to visit Pink Sisters and Our Lady of Manaoag. I didn't have pictures there also the last time we visited the place (because I was too shy, feeling ko sobrang mukhang promdi ako :p). Since we don't have any 'wheels', we always commute going to different places.
After he voted, we took the jeep going to Balibago. When we reached the place, we dropped by the Manaoag Church and lighted candles then prayed to Mama Mary. After that we looked for Tuding's Restaurant. It's a small restaurant which sells 'silog' meals kaso we got lost and ended up eating in Jolibee instead. Then from Jolibee, we took the tricycle going to Walter Mart. Sorry if I can not give the exact locations because I don't know were exactly we went to. When we reached Walter Mart, we took again another tricycle. This time, I heard G tell the driver that we are going to Enchanted Kingdom. When I heard that, I was really very overwhelmed. I was not expecting it (though I've been really wishing to go there ever since I stayed in Laguna). G was laughing because my smile was plastered on my face na daw. Basta, really, I was so happy. It's a wish come true.

We arrived in EK at around 2pm. The weather was good because it was only partly cloudy. We paid P380 only for the entrance plus additional P50 for the Pepsi/Gatorade drinks that we can avail inside. They have a promo which runs from Oct. 17 to Nov. 30. This is 'Blast from the Past', sponsored by Pepsi Max. They also have another promo for students, I think they just have to pay something like P250 for the entrance fee.
this is my pic when we just arrived... look at my smile :p

We first went to Rialto, to experience the ride :) I find it okay lang. At least I was able to sit on their moving chairs. I didn't understand the movie though. Then we tried the Wheel of Fate. At first, I was afraid to try it but since I saw smaller kids enjoying the ride I tried it too. I was really afraid during the first round but after that I was already so relaxed. I was still enjoying the site when our time ended. I wanted to ride longer but we need to fall in line again.

showing off my ek tag

After that, we tried the Swan Ride. It took us more than 30 minutes for our turn and when we were already pedaling, we wished that we should have not taken it. We were going in the wrong direction and we kept on bumping with other swans. We just maximized our strength and when we got tried we brought back our swan to the port already. I find pedaling more difficult than rowing the boat. I think this is because I grew up with Burnham banca and had to practice more there :)

We had to relax after that tiring ride. We had snacks at their 'food court'. We chose Gatorade instead of the Pepsi in can. You can also exchange your coupon with 2 bottles of mineral bottles if you don't like softdrinks. While eating, we were looking at the Space Shuttle and we were debating if we should ride it. I for one is afraid but there's a part of me which says that I should try it. We thought that before we leave, we'll take the plunge. Then we went to check the kart ride. It was too expensive for us, way out of the budget. It costs P210 for a one-seater ride while 2-seater costs P320. You will ride on it for 9 minutes/round. Then we also dropped by the Exodus ride. They offer their wheels for P200 for 30 minutes. Children below 12 years old are not allowed to drive their bikes.

Here is G's picture on it.

While walking along the streets, there are also several characters walking around. We took pictures with them. I was looking for 'the Wizard' but he is not around.

We also took the Flying Fiesta ride and I loved it. It is similar to riding a swing but the difference is that you don't need anyone to push you so that you will go high. I wanted to try it more but we still have a lot of rides to check. We said that we'll definitely go back later.

The next stop was the Carousel but we were not able to make it on time. Instead of waiting in line, we just took our pictures. We don't have a tripod so G looked for somewhere that he can leave the camera and he just set the timer.

We went through the different rides in Boulderville. Since most are for kids, we just took the Up, Up and Away ride. I liked it because a kid in a nearby balloon was shouting all the time that we were there. He was so excited that he was shouting and shouting until our balloon landed. Then we also tried the roller coaster for the kids. It's called the Roller Skater. It was fun but bitin. I wish that they would have given passengers 2 rounds instead of just one. When we passed by the Bump & -, G said that we should try it but I hesitated. So what he did was he went alone. He looked very funny while learning on how to manipulate the rafter.

After sitting and resting near the Anchors Away, we decided to start taking the plunge already. We lined up for the Jump Log. It was a blockbuster ride and many people wants to try it. It is one of my dream rides actually. I promised myself that if ever I'd go to EK, I won't miss that ride. I was feeling cool at first but after the first dip I don't want to continue it anymore. I don't like the feeling when the log is already going down. I was laughing at how I looked in our picture... nakakahiya!

- to be continued -


Sarah said...

miss ko na EK grabe may bago bang rides dyan

mari said...

parang wala sis :) except for the go-karts and yung 4-wheel na bikes.