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Who wouldn't want to own a diamond? Even men these days, wanted to have diamonds in their jewelries. Not only does this piece of gem makes the jewelry more expensive but it also add to the elegance of the piece.

Whenever I need something, I always turn to the computer for searches. G has been planning to change the design of our wedding rings. He thought that diamonds will fit well to the design that he is thinking so he asked me to look for Loose Diamond Wholesaler ... and this is what I found over the net. A press release from a new diamond wholesaler, the A&W Diamonds.

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New York, New York – A&W Diamonds is now open to the public. This is the first time that a loose diamond wholesaler has made their inventory open to the public at such attractive prices. Previous to the opening of AWdiamonds.com, A&W diamonds sold loose diamonds exclusively to jewelers and retail stores.

A&W Diamonds is a third generation diamond wholesaler based out of the diamond district in Midtown Manhattan. A&W Diamonds is run by Larry Weissfeld who is continuing the family business; he had this to say about his company. “We felt for a long time that the diamond market was lacking a public wholesaler. We wanted people to have access to affordable loose diamonds so that they could design their own jewelry and have more control over design and cost.”

AWdiamonds.com has thousands of diamonds available for sale in all shapes, colors, cuts and sizes. They also offer a matching diamond search engine so that customers can find matching diamonds for earrings or rings with multiple stones. Along with the diamonds AWdiamonds.com has a comprehensive diamond education center which should be a first stop for all novice diamond shoppers.

Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds:

Price – Buying directly from the wholesaler is cheapest way to buy loose diamonds.
Design – Customers can choose their own designer and diamond, freeing them from ready-made choices at the jewelry store.
Quality – All loose diamond at A&W Diamonds are certified by independent laboratories including GIA, EGL and IGI.
Selection – A&W Diamonds offers thousands of loose diamonds in all shapes, cuts and colors to choose from.

About A&W Diamonds:
A&W Diamonds deals solely with loose diamonds. It is a third generation family business that provided loose diamonds to jewelers all over the world. With a selection of thousands of loose diamonds their goal is to make sure that everybody can find their perfect diamond.

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I just talked to my friend who lived in New York and who is going home early next year if she could check the place and buy for me the loose diamonds that I needed. I hope on our 3rd anniversary we'll be able to wear our newly designed wedding rings already.

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