creating an AVP

I have been busy the past days, trying to make a good AVP for my friend's wedding. It is G's assignment but whenever he comes home in the evening he'd be too tired to work on it already. I pity him so much that if possible I wanted him to just rest when he arrives from work. He's been staying and working in their office this past weeks and he's been telling that he is more tired with the paper works and phone calls rather than working hands-on with the computers. He has been working overtime on weekends too, that is why he can not still work on the AVP.

While he was working on it the other night, I just sat down beside him looking at how he was working. It was not my intention to work on it but I was eagerly looking and asking on how he was doing it. I don't have any assignments to write that is why I kept bugging him :) ... then the next day, I still don't have any assignments so I decided to try working on the AVP. I finished a 3 minute song after 3-hours of seriously working on it. I feel that there is still no magic with my work so I just asked G when he arrived to add the magic. G will just have to burn the CD today and send it via LBC later. I hope my friends will like their AVP. We really worked hard for it :)

Their wedding is on saturday... I'd watch for the reactions of the visitors to see if they liked how the AVP goes.

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