3 days of not blogging

and here's what I got :) ...

I haven't been writing lately because there are some things that have been keeping me busy. I still have a lot of catching up to do and lists of memes to answer.

I'd like to thank Marie, for the Christmas Tag; Mich and Lira for the RULES; and Sarah for When I was Young... I'll work on these meme ladies. I'll have them lined up :)

Jean for the Friendly Site award. You just don't know how overwhelmed I am that you gave this to me. More speech on my next posts.

I'll get back to reading each and every posts that you have made for the past days... as soon as I am finished with my OB appointment tomorrow :)

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Marie Grace said...

hi Mari! you're always welcome. i understand kung busy ka sometimes, ako din ganyan minsan...hope evrything is doing fine there.. good evening