#1 in Google search

I just finished cooking our viand and I am still waiting for G to come home from work. Since I don't have anything to do but to surf the internet for now, I tried checking mybloglog (I love this site because it helps me monitor my visitors even if they don't get to leave any message in my chatbox; for that thank you so much everyone, and as I usually say, sana balik kayo uli :). I just noticed that there is a part there wherein you can check the site or page where the incoming clicks to your site comes from. And do you know what I found out, I can be googled through these keywords: follicle monitoring clomid... and guess what, I'm on the top spot :D I know that it might not be a big deal for everyone but it is for me. I have always wanted to see my page on top of the list because as they say in the 'SEO world', the higher your ranking in a search engine, the more valuable your blog is. The more valuable your blog is, the more information an individual can get from it (I hope it works that way because that is how I understoond what I read)... for my post in follicle monitoring, I hope I had written more about the process. But if I change and update it now, it might change the flow of my article. Guess I'll just have to write a new post regarding how follicle monitoring works, since I haven't posted my second cycle of clomid yet.

I'm just so happy... pagbigyan nyo na ako ha :)

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