vacation time for her

My brother’s female best friend Helsey is finally going home on November. She hopes that I meet with her before she goes back to the US again (because my brother is making ‘tampo’ to her now and he doesn’t want to see him!). She will arrive on Nov. 2 and will go home on Nov.13… She emailed me her itinerary and I saw that everyday from her arrival, she will be with different sets of people. She’ll visit her relatives on day one, then she’ll meet her high school friends on day two, then day three she’ll fly to Palawan, etc… looking at it alone makes me feel tired already (and I thought she planned for a week VACATION :p)

Since she will be moving from one place to another, I advised her that she should book for her hotels as early as possible. She’d be tired from her travel and the best time for her to relax is during the night time when she sleeps. I recommended that she visits the website of Hotel Reservations. This company offers several services such as booking flights, car rentals and lodging for hotels, resorts. They offer lower rates compared with other travel agencies. Aside from this, they also have a 24-hour hotline where a customer service agent can take her call. The best thing that the company offers is the group booking rates, wherein there is a big discount given when they book as a group for their travel.

I wish I can go with her to Palawan but I can not leave G especially that the trip is scheduled on a weekend. I might not enjoy the trip at all :p. I just wish that I’d really see her… (she was supposed to be one of my bridesmaids during my wedding but due to the conflict in her work shcedule she was not able to come home) ...we still have lots of catching up to do.

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