marriage renewable every 7 years

You heard me right... or should I say, did I hear it right? This morning while I was preparing our breakfast and G's baon, we were tuned in (kasi I wasn't able to watch) to Unang Hirit. Since I was cooking and kinda' busy in the kitchen, I am not really sure if I heard it right. Someone 'proposed' that marriage should be valid for 7 years only and if the couple still feels happy in their relationship, they can renew it again for another 7 years. This is what they thought to be a good solution to the high rate of divorce these days. I don't really know if it is for real or what but still I AM AGAINST IT.
I had grown up believing that marriage is a covenant between two individuals that should not be broken. Since they chose each other to be their partners for life, they should help each other in maintaining a good and healthy relationship. If this 'concept' on marriage is approved, there will be greater chances that families will be separated and broken apart. Couples have more reason to find fault in each other when the 7th year is about to end.
I hope that if ever this will be approved in other countries, Philippines will stay say NO to it. I still believe that Filipinos still have the love for families to be whole and complete.


Mec said...

i've heard this stupid proposition before... i've heard the rationalizations and justifications and i still say it's stupid!

well, ok... if not stupid... demeaning... to accord a marriage less of the dignity and integrity and sanctity that it has always (or supposedly) stood/stands for... to reduce it to a common contract subject to revisions... hay nako!

and it's not like keeping the 'family' is not complicated enough!!!

mari said...

correct ka jan sis mec! people who do not value marriage and the sanctity of it will really think that it is more of a contract rather than a covenant... that needs to have an expiration.

hay naku... there are really people who are not contented with what they already have and still want to have more.