just a phone call away

Living away from home is very difficult and it is more difficult when you can’t talk to people you love because of the high rates of international calling cards.

This holds true to me and others who have family members who work as OFW in countries far from the Philippines. My sister would ask me to text her often, instead of calling her because of the expensive phone cards. She in return, calls only during her payday to lessen the amount that she spends on prepaid calling cards. But with the promo that PINGO is offering now, it is high time that Ace (my sister) sign up with them. What is good with Pingo is that they do not have any additional charges or hidden fees which add up to the bills and automatically ‘eat’ your load.

Pingo has a lot of benefits for my family. When my siblings, Ace and Lon, sign up they can avail for up to 5 hours free international calls. They can also receive $25 phone card for just $17. With PIngo’s Ratewatcher they will surely be guaranteed that they get the lowest rate in international calls. Aside from that, with Pingo’s calling card affiliate program, they get paid $15 for every friend that they can refer… well, that means extra money for cell phone card and savings for them and more chika time for us :p

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