BER months, celebration months

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Whenever the BER months starts, our family likewise starts celebrating. All months with BER is marked in our calendar.


This is the birthday month of our bunso, Mark. He is turning 25 on September 13. Since he is in Baguio, mommy will just visit him there and cook a little pancit siguro or anything that they can think of. If I was there, I'd make him crema de fruita and cook a little spaghetti for us and our cousins while he and the Ragna boys would probably have their inuman at night. (They usually chip in for the pulutan and beer because some of the Ragna boys are born on September as well, minsanang celebration).

Almost a week after, daddy will celebrate his birthday naman. Daddy is born on September 21 and he was named Marcelo (he was born even before the Martial Law, so there is no correlation with his name). Daddy will be turning 53 this year. I don't know how he would celebrate it this time but probably, it will be a small gathering for him and his friends lang. Fundadoy lang naman at papaitan ang katapat nila :p


This month will cover many celebrations. In October 23, we will celebrate the 1st death anniversary of my Inang. She is the mother of my dad. She passed away last year, the day before the 30th wedding anniversary of my parents. Instead of celebrating for their anniversary, the handa was used during the funeral. As for Inang anniversary, we will have a mass for her and the usual 'padasal' at home. I will definitely go home on her anniversary because I have been dreaming about her for 2 nights already. Wherever she is now, I know that she is very happy. In my dreams she was already walking again :)

October 24 is the 31th wedding anniversary of mommy and daddy. After all these years, they are still with each other and we are very proud of it. I still don't know if we will have another celebration for them but for sure, we will all go to mass together to celebrate their anniversary.

October 29 is a double celebration. This is Lon's birthday and our wedding anniversary. Lon is my 3rd ading, the 4th in our family. He is turning 27 and we don't know if he'd still be here by that time. He is currently home to fix his working visa for PNG. October 29 is our 2nd anniversary. We are thinking of celebrating it in Baguio. Nothing fancy, just to rest and relax for a couple of days.

October 31, is Elong's birthday naman. He'll be turning 28 then. We never celebrate his birthday so maybe, we'll just cook a little spaghetti again and buy some pizza. At home, they'll definitely cook dendelot (this is like a rice tikoy for Ilokano, which has a sweet sauce) and bibingka for him.


There is just one celebration for November. It is my sissy's birthday. This is her first birthday away from home. She might celebrate it in UAE with her new friends but I don't know if she'll be able to cook her Carbonara for them. She'll be turning 29 then and she's still single :p

* Notice our age gaps? Yes, birth control does not exist in my family :) that is why i am wondering why i can not conceive that easily :(


December will start this year with a wedding. Ading and Mathy are getting married on December 1 in Cauayan. It will mark the start of another chapter in their lives. We are expecting as much as 400 to 500 guests because both the bride and the groom have big families.

This is our mommy's month. This is the time when we celebrate truly our Mommy's day. She has two birthdays, one on December 3 (the original date that we celebrate) and another is on December 6 (the date on her birth certificate). Mommy will be turning 55 this year. She might be celebrating this time in the barrio, if we have gone back to our places again :)

We'll be back in Cauayan on Christmas already. It is in our schedule that we have to celebrate Christmas in Isabela and New Year in Laguna... but we might change this routine this year. G & I will try to celebrate it between us lang... para naman maiba :)

Note 2: I am the only one in the family who is not born on the BER Months. I was born in March.

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