monday in divi

It was unusual for me to go to Divisoria on weekdays. But this time, I had to go on a Monday to accompany my SIL to be. We planned to meet before 10 am so I left Pacita before 8 am. Promdi as I am, I still don't know much about the traffic and monday fever. Expecting that I'll be in Divi before 10 I was even reluctant of going out earlier.

It was already 11 am when I met Mathy. She was already there around 9:30 waiting for me (poor gal :p). The first
place we went to was in Ylaya. We have to buy tela for the bridesmaids and secondary sponsors' gowns. We also bought tela for daddy and Mark's barong and pants. Before proceeding any further, we had lunch first in Jolibee then went back to our shopping after eating.

The original plan for the souvenirs were chocolates from chocolate lovers which we will just put in a well-decorated bag but I guess they decided to have another one so we scouted for possible souvenirs. Last time, I had to meet with Bing's friend regarding the souvenirs that they are selling so we looked for their stall. Their stall is located just in front of Asia Bank, the corner of Tabora and 'i dont know' :p We saw the little lamps that Mathy liked. Roni (Bing's friend) gave it to us for P15 each. (We actually thought that she might have given us a discount because we were to buy 200 pieces of it.) Nwei, we just got 50 pieces from them but Mathy promised to go back for the rest the next day.

We were also able to find the paper which will be used for the invitaion. Mathy liked the papers sold in Wellmanson so she will just go back for it the next day too. After buying what we need, we separated. She went home with the stuff that we bought while I went to shop for some clothes. I bought shorts for G and a couple of blouses for me. I was also able to buy shorts but to my dismay, it didn't fit me :( (I didn't try it at the store because I really don't like trying clothes that I buy). howell, I'll just give it to my cousins when I go home.

The trip was tiring but fruitful. At least I was able to help in their preparations. Not as much as I promised but it was just enough.

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