life with PPP starts

This sounds like the name of my blog :) and I think it just fits for my title too. I have been blog hopping from one wawie/nawie to another and almost all of their blogs have the icon of PPP. Then Aggie made a post regarding on how she started blogging and how she got into this online job. I was thrilled with the thought of earning while blogging so I decided to try it.

When I first read the terms and conditions, I was felt sad because it requires a blog which is more than 90 days. I have one (this blog) but I neglected it for quite sometime. I even forgot my log in name and password for the blog, so I started a new blog. Then while surfing the net, I found something which prompted me to check the blogger homepage... then I was able to retrive my old blogs :) From then on, I tried and I am still trying to update it every now and then.

Last week, I received an email telling me that my blog was rejected because it didn't meet some requirements. I thought that I should be more responsible in posting now and even made a definite schedule for blogging. Then a couple of days ago, I received another email again coming from the support team of Payperpost that my blog was already approved!!! :D (You should have seen how big my smile was.)

Now, here I am... a part of the Payperpost, hoping to
get paid to blog. If ever, I still don't know what to do with my earning... maybe I'll just keep it first then I'll use it to buy Christmas presents :) then later earning will be for a laptop then everything else will follow :p

I have started to gain friends through blogging. Now I have a wider place to look for friends... I gain new friends almost everyday. Now I can really attest that blogging is fun and blogging with PPP makes life even happier.

For those who wanted to experience the same, you can join us too! Just visit their website.

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