fun on weekends

I love weekends... this is the only time that I spend more time with G. Weekends have been our bonding moments together.

This week was different, G had to go to work last Saturday. His boss wanted him to work on some papers. He stayed there the whole day so we were not able to go out. He just bought the router that we need so we can divide our internet and use our computers at the same time. We stayed up late to finish his set-up.

Sunday is the best day of the week. We overslept, woke up at around 9:30 then decided that we'd go to the mall in the afternoon with the whole family. We went to Festival Mall with MIL, SIL and BIL. There was a 'trade show' in one of the mini halls. It features Nueva Viscaya, particularly Solano. We bought tupig (Ilokano rice cake) and pipino from the stalls inside the mall. G bought a new coin purse, a bigger one compared with what he has now.

After that, we attended the 5:00 mass in another hall and ate dinner in KFC. While we were eating, there was a commotion outside. A little boy sat on the railings of the escalator. He was off-balanced and fell to the floor. Good thing there was a table on the area where he fell, so the impact was not that strong. He was already half-way to the second floor when he lost balance. The boy was okay physically, there was no sign of injury or bruises but he was in shock. He was crying while being held by his mom...

Before going to the grocery, we dropped by Tom's World to play our favorite basketball. I was so tired shooting balls that my arms feel sore. But it was a fun way to sweat. This is the only exercise that I do every week and it is worth the tokens :)

We got home at around 9 pm already. It was another fun and memorable weekend for me.

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