dry spell, la nina fever

Ever since I can remember, I haven't seen Isabela like this. It has always been green fields with healthy soil. This was the only place that I can think of that has the most fertile land in the Philippines. Being a part of the 'Rice Bowl of the Philippines' (I hope I am correct on this :), the rice fields have always been 'healthy' and 'rich' producing the most number of cavans of palay which is milled to produce rice to provide to the people. But with this DRY SPELL, I think there will be changes, major changes on many things.

My mom confirmed that she hasn't experienced this type of dry spell in Isabela. She has been living here (and moving to other places and going back here) ever since I was born and it is only this year that she saw our crops literally wilting due to excessive heat. Thanks to the innovation of water pump, they are still able to sprinkle a little amount of water to some of our 'mais'. It was near harvest time when the dry spell happened. Some neighboring 'maisan' were not able to survive. The whole corn plant wilted and dried up. Surely, leaving their owners big debt in the pocket :(

These days, the water level in Magat dam is already normalizing with the 'help' of typhoon Egay (though it didn't rain there as much as it did here in South Luzon). The farmers are trying to move on... hoping that with the next planting season, they will be able to regain what they lost... hoping for the best.

* - *

Reports have said that after the Dry Spell, the Philippines will encounter naman the La Nina Fever. There will be an increase in rainfall for most part of the Philippines. Due to this expect more floods and landslides to happen. I hope that if ever there will be landslides or floods, people will still be safe. It is not easy losing your properties but it is more painful losing a loved one...
If people can only learn from the things that are happening in our environment now. If we can only clean the earth and start all over again... if only we can move and do our part...

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