cebu here we come

... not in a few days, but exactly a month from now. September 7 around 10 something in the morning, G and I will go to Cebu. This is one of our yearly activity that we would like to be a tradition in our family. We wanted to start something we can call 'our tradition'. Something my family or his family does not usually do.

Why Cebu and not any other place?
Because we don't have any other choice :). I got this reservation from Cebu Pacific's Juan Promo (piso-piso promo) which they offered sometime in March. It wasn't really on purpose but as I was browsing through my mails, I saw one email from Cebu Pacific that they do have this promo. I read posts from n@w about it but I wasn't that interested yet. But when I saw my email, I tried logging in and trying my luck.
The first option was in Singapore because our friend Sheng has been inviting us to visit her since she relocated there last year. The flights were already fully booked.
My next choice was Hong Kong. The same thing, it was also fully booked already. I wanted to see Disneyland but I guess it was not yet the time.
I decided to try island hopping in the philippines. I opted for Bohol first. There were still dates open but it did not fit G's sched. We wanted sometime September 7-10 days because we celebrate our anniversary on the 8th.
I also tried Puerto Prinsesa. There is no available piso trips during our preferred dates.
Thn came Cebu... I thought of my nieces and nephew who relocated there recently. At least, I'll be able to visit my ate Jinky and her family.

Until now, we haven't decided on where to stay yet or on what places to visit. But we will defintely go to Sto. Nino Church to pray and then buy our own little Sto. Nino.

We love walking so we'll just buy a map and find our way around. At least we're a little safe becasue G can understand a 'bit' of Cebuano.

Till then...

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Mec said...

i haven't really explored Cebu when i went there before... i didn't like the city, but am sure i'd have loved visiting the historical spots and beaches had i had the chance...

enjoy the trip... take lotsa pics... make lotsa memories :)