being a SAHW

It is common to find SAHM (Stay-at-home moms) than SAHW (stay-at-home wife), mainly because there is no baby yet to look after and taken cared of 24 hours a day. Some say that being a SAHW may curtail your freedom of earning money or may stop you from socializing with friends and other people.

When someone asks what I do in life, I tell them I am a housewife. Some raise their eyebrows because of this. How can someone like me want this than working and earning money to add up for our income? Well, I have reasons. I left my business to be with my husband and now we are on a stage of trying to conceive. I don't need the pressures and tensions of work because it may add up to the stress. Another reason is that I don't like working for someone who pressures me to do things. I want to manage my own time and work whenever I feel like doing it.

To augment for our income, I write :) I receive keywords which I will use to write an article. I like it because I can work on my own pace and on my own time. Whenever I sit down and get hold of the keyboard, everything follows smoothly. When I get up, I am already finished with what is required of me and I move on with my other chores.

I feel relaxed being a SAHW. I like the feeling that I am at home when G goes home, when I prepare his food and his needs. I like that there is no pressure being a SAHW.

SAHW is not easy, but if you are contented with how your life is everything follows. I have no regrets in being one :)

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Ann said...

Hi Gwen, like I said before, we have some things in common. We're both SAHW and trying to conceive hehehe. Being a SAHW is not a personal choice. It's just that after I got married, I'm having a hard time looking for a good job. But hubby and I are now doing some feasibility studies in a business we wanted to put up.

Like you, I don't have any regrets of being a housewife. I love what I'm doing. And I thank God for having a very supportive and loving husband. Kuripot nga lang wahahaha!