sideline: article writer

I haven't blog for quite sometime now. I have been busy with my new sideline... aside from my pay-to-click sites (which I don't know yet if I would be paid), I am again taking the risk of joining another online job. I got to know about this one through friendster's classified ads. I read a post looking for an ARTICLE WRITER so I tried inquiring about it.

The main goal of the writer is to make an article using the given keywords. They also specify on how many number of words to use and how many times the keywords should appear. Aside from that, there is also a set deadline for the article. If it says that it should be in by 10pm the same day, then it should be followed and be submitted on or before that time. I think it is easier and better sideline compared with my PTC sites. It even makes my mind put to use again... the pay is okay enough since I use my idle times to work on it. I get P55 for every 250-word article, P85 for 500-word article and P100 for 700-word minimum.

So far, I haven't received any payment yet (i got in just after the cut-off) but hopefully on the 15th of this month I'll start getting my hard earned money :)

I get so engrossed in my writing that I don't like to stop (especially when I already get my momentum), but G gets mad at me so I have to comply.

Good thing he's out most of the time during the weekdays... but on weekends, I definitely have to have day off from writing (unless I have an article due)

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